August Thoughts

This month has been a whirlwind! I am a few days late on posting my August thoughts because…. we bought a house! We closed on a little house in the country with 4.5 acres last Thursday. Jared and I are so excited to move in, start a garden, and enjoy the slow life. I will be posting plenty of before-and-after photos because who doesn’t love those! Here is a little sneak peek of our new home.

Home ideas… I am really feeling a wallpaper and some wood shelves in my laundry room, I really like the ones below, something not too busy but still fun! The granite in our house is pretty dark with lots of browns in it, which I would not choose myself. However, when I got on Pinterest I saw a similar granite paired with green cabinets… I know! Green cabinets! That may be too much but I think it is just enough haha. I like that it will be unique and fun. Also I want to get chickens, like immediately.

Recipes to make… I am so excited to get back into cooking! We have been living with family so we haven’t been cooking and using the kitchen as much. The first thing I want to make is this Baked Pineapple Salmon. Jared and I love salmon, we could eat it for dinner every single night. I am also ready to get back into my sourdough starter. It’s been about a year since I was baking a lot of sourdough bread. I had a ton of discard and didn’t realize there were discard recipes! I have found sourdough crackers which is exciting because I love to eat brie and crackers for lunch (not very healthy but it is delicious haha). So this time around I am going to focus on the discard recipes and try to throw away as little discard as possible.

Goodies to bake… So it’s September. Which means its Autumn (please no one disagree with me haha I have already made up my mind)! It’s time for some fall baking. I can’t think of anything more fall than an Apple Fritter. I found this recipe on Pinterest and it looks really good and not too difficult. All the fall spices in one recipe – Chai Scones with Maple Glaze. I love Baklava but it is pretty time consuming to make (totally worth it in my opinion). But I found a recipe, Baklava Cookie Bars, on Pinterest. I always replace whatever nut the recipe calls for for walnuts. This recipe calls for almonds so I will alter it and post that recipe on the blog later. Last but certainly not least…. Cinnamon Sugar Swirled Apple Butter Bread. I don’t even have to describe or explain why I would like this one. If you are unsure, read the name of the recipe again.

Most excited to… start a garden!!! I cannot wait to garden, it has been my biggest request – “I want land to have a garden” – and now we have it! It really is a dream come true, to plan my own garden. That may seem so small or silly or insignificant but I just love it! The house we bought was very bare, no hardware on the cabinets, no landscaping, etc. So I am also excited to landscape, pick my own hardware, pick my own paint color, stuff you don’t get to do when you rent.

Currently reading… Murder in Ratcliffe by Emily Organ. It’s another one of those “old English mysteries” that I love so much. They are quick reads but I love it, they are so cozy.

August Amazon purchases… I recently broke my phone case which gave me the perfect excuse to buy a fall-themed phone case and pop socket haha! I ordered some more of my favorite socks, they are so soft! With all the planning I want to do for the house (I love making lists if you can’t tell…) I bought a few super cute Rifle Paper Co. notebooks! I make my own face serum out of jojoba oil and essential oils but I ran out so I had to reorder my favorite jojoba oil, its easiest to buy it on Amazon. I also bought some things for the house but I will share those in another post 🙂

Currently watching… so I watched Partner Track in one day… I have another confession… I also watched Echoes in one day. They were not the same day for the record! My go-to feel good shows that I love to watch in the fall are Gilmore Girls and Call the Midwife.

Nighttime routine… My nighttime routine is pretty relaxed, I first wash my face with my diy face wash which has unscented Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap, water, and essential oils (Lavender and Frankincense) in it. Immediately after I put on my diy face serum (following Becca Bristow’s recipe) which is made of jojoba oil, Lavender essential oil, Frankincense eo, Patchouli eo, and Blue Tansy eo. It definitely doesn’t soak in like a moisturizer would but since I immediately go to bed, it doesn’t bother me by feeling greasy or too oily. Then I brush my teeth, I have a Quip toothbrush which I LOVE! My favorite clean toothpaste is Tom’s Botanically Bright Toothpaste. I take my vitamins (B Complex, Pre/Probiotic, and a vitamin for my thyroid) and hop in bed! I usually play on my phone and do a crossword puzzle to help get some of my extra brain-energy out from the day haha. Then I read my kindle until I fall asleep.

Fall decor I’m loving… I am so excited to move into our new house and immediately decorate for fall, its my favorite time of the year! I have linked some fall decor I have seen this year that I am loving. It will probably shock everyone that it is mostly made up of pillows and throw blankets.

Favorite Instagram accounts… Just Ingredients, I love following Karalynne because she is the best at informing her audience on what is really in the products we use daily. What I used to think was “clean” once is no longer! She really helps break down the big words they hide on the packaging to tell us if its good or bad. I also like following her blog too! Ballerina Farm – if you don’t follow Hannah, you need to!!! She gives daily insight to her life on a farm and she used to be a ballerina! Every once in awhile her and her daughters will dance and it is the sweetest. Also her milk cow, Daisy, makes me want to have a milk cow.

Cookies to bake… I said I was going to bake all the cookies for the rest of the year and this is true! While we are in the middle of this move, I am compiling family cookie recipes, Pinterest cookies I want to make, and recipes I have clipped out of magazines. I am super excited to get started with that and post them all on the blog!

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