September Thoughts

Guess what, I am late posting my monthly thoughts again! Oops! This month has been full of projects on our new house, which I love! We have made a ton of progress and it is starting to really feel like home now. We had our house power washed, bought a shed, picked a kitchen cabinet color, painted wallpaper in the laundry room, hung shelves in our closet, and hung bathroom hardware. The next project on our list is to weed-eat the pond and rake out as many lily pads as we can, it will look so good after that! But first, look at our view… Gorgeous!!! I can’t believe that I get to see this view every day and watching the leaves change and start to fall has been so fun.

September home renovations… This months we have finished a lot of small projects as well as a few big ones. As I said above, we had our house power washed, bought a shed, finished our master bathroom, picked a kitchen cabinet color, installed our Ring Camera (which we love!!), painted wallpaper in the laundry room, hung shelves in our closet, and hung bathroom hardware. Here are some pictures (before and afters will be in a separate post once the house is actually complete)!

September Amazon purchases… We bought SO much for our house on Amazon this month, I have linked everything below 🙂 We bought vent covers, which we learned are so expensive! Ugh! We also noticed our air vents weren’t the most clean, we vacuumed them out and I scrubbed what I could with bleach water but I still felt the need to buy vent filters (I had to cut them down to fit the vents). We bought a floor lamp for our living room, we love the sleek and minimal look of this one. Our master bathroom is finally complete, we replaced the toilet (from Lowe’s), vanity (from Lowe’s), mirror (gifted) and faucet (Amazon). One of my favorite Amazon products are these little motion sensor lights, we use them for the bathroom and hallway so we don’t have to turn the lights on in the middle of the night. For the kitchen, we ordered the kitchen hardware and rubber bumpers for the kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Things I have made… I didn’t post a blog post (or take good pictures) about these recipes but I did make two different bread puddings. One was a Cinnamon Croissant Bread Pudding and the other was a Chocolate Chip Croissant Bread Pudding. They were both so delicious. Also I made the Autumn classic Pillsbury ghost and pumpkin cookies, of course!! Every single year I am reminded that they aren’t that delicious but they are so fun and nostalgic so I keep making them haha!

Currently reading… Rotten to the Core by T.E. Kinsey. This is one of my favorite “Cozy English Mystery” series. Lady Hardcastle and her lady’s maid Flo are so goofy. I love their banter, making fun of each other and just having fun solving mysteries together.

Currently watching… White Collar. It is an older show (it aired from 2009 to 2014) about the white collar crime unit in New York City. I love crime shows and I really like the spin on white collar crimes instead of your typical murder-solving crime shows.

Fall fashion/outfits I’m loving… I love mixing neutrals, I have linked a bunch of pins I have saved recently. I love a chunky sweater and black skinny jeans combo. A few other of my favorite fall combos are black on black and a sweater with a white tennis shoe. Fall is my favorite season for fashion!

Halloween party ideas… My husband and I love to host people in our house, we think we can have our house ready (at least the living room and kitchen) to have a halloween party! We have been doing Murder Mystery Dinners for the past few years and they have been so fun! This year we will be doing a Circus-themed Murder Mystery party with our family. Below are some of the decoration ideas I have gotten off Pinterest.

Anniversary trip… When Jared and I got married we agreed we wanted to set aside a few days of just us each year and go somewhere new together. This year we are going to New York City! We have both been but have never been together, we are so excited! We will spend several days in NYC then take a train to Newport, RI and spend 2 days there before heading home. If you have any food recommendations for either place, please let me know!!

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