February and March Thoughts

Hey! I am so glad you stopped by to check out my recent bakes. My name is Kelsey. I love baking all things but especially pies and pastries.

Hello!!! Happy April!! I am SO excited for spring, as you know! To be honest, I forgot to post my February thoughts… so I have combined them with my March thoughts. The past two months have been spent with a lot of garden planning, reading and building (more on that later).

February overview… February was weirdly busy for me. I went to a hockey game, a couple basketball games, a bachelorette party for my friend, chaperoned a youth group event in Gatlinburg, TN, and built a fence on our property!

March overview… March was slower but it was very welcomed. I started building planters and selling them on Facebook Marketplace which I am super proud of! I love working and creating projects with my hands, it feels so rewarding. I was able to spend a couple different day with some of my favorite people – you know who you are! Spending time with friends really fills your cup like nothing else can.

Valentines day… Jared surprised me with a Nashville trip for a Valentine/Birthday gift. It was amazing! We ate at our favorite places and I got to spend the whole day at the zoo, my favorite.

Bible reading plan… I have done an awful job at staying on the same Bible plan, I keep switching and just reading what I feel like reading – which is great sometimes! However I am getting back on the chronological reading plan and am starting over so I can do it right. I am ashamed to say that I literally forgot about Lent. I mean that is SO awful to say since the entire meaning of Lent is to be thoughtful but… yeah. I have got to do better next year.

Blog Plan… Yes, I already posted this but have failed HARD so I am keeping on here as accountability for myself. April will be spring baking, so lots of citrus and fruit to lead us into a new season. In May, I will try my hand at tarts. In June, I will be giving fun ideas for July 4th. July will be all cold desserts, maybe we will try to make our own ice cream! August will be focused on peaches and tropical produce. September is when we will break out the fall baking and fall spices! In October, we will come up with fun Halloween baking ideas. November will be Thanksgiving baking. December will be cookie tins of course!

Currently reading… I have read SO many books these past two months. I finished the first two books from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series and I am OBSESSED. I mean I cannot read them fast enough. I read each of them in 4 days which is insanely fast for me. I have started re-reading the Harry Potter series (again) and finished Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets.

Currently watching… Jared and I spend our “together time” binging new tv shows, we just started Night Agent and LOVE IT (so far). He is not into fantasy so I am watching the second season of Shadow and Bone by myself and its good, not as good at the first season in my opinion.

February and March Amazon Purchases… After SO many different ways to keep recipes, I have decided my favorite way is to just write them on index cards. I like that they all match and that I can write the recipes how I want to!! I ordered several things for my kitchen – Redmond Salt (the only salt we use) and Anthony’s Buttermilk Powder (my favorite pantry hack). So many recipes call for buttermilk but who keeps buttermilk in their house? Not me. I tried once but it always seemed to go bad before I could use it all so I found these buttermilk powder! No, it doesn’t exactly do the same thing as buttermilk in baking recipes but it works, it is so easy and it doesn’t go bad! We had company over a few weeks ago and needed more coasters, I just bought the cheapest/cutest ones I could find and I actually really like them! I preordered Hogwarts Legacy… Enough said.

Cats… We adopted 2 black cats, totally unexpected to everyone. Anyways, I found a bunch of cute stuff for the cats that wont make your home look like cats just completely took over! Also I added this awesome wall broom holder because the litter box had to go where my brooms were stored lol

Ps. Here are the kitty cats in their favorite places (on the bed and on my lap lol)

What’s on my mind… Washington, DC! We are going to DC next week for Jared’s work (I am tagging along because I love a good museum). I thought it might be fun to show you what I am planning on doing and where we are planning on eating dinner!

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