Welcome to Thoroughbreads Bakery!

Our names are Kelsey and Jared Jones, we are so glad you are here! I’m the girl behind the mixer and the camera and my husband, Jared, takes his job as my personal motivator and taste-tester of all desserts very seriously. I absolutely love baking and wanted a place to share all of my sugary creations. To kick off my blog I have decided to do a deep dive into one of my favorite cookbooks – Bake from Scratch (Vol. 1)! Each quarter of the year I will focus on one section of the book – Cakes, Breads, Pies and Pastries, and Miscellaneous. I hope you follow along with my journey but most of all I hope I inspire you to bake a few treats for yourself!

In my spare time I like to paint, craft, finish furniture, design graphics! I got married in October and created all of our invitations, save the dates, menus, favors, and more. You can check out my other pages in the menu at the top to see what all I have been creating recently. I am so glad you are here and hope you stay awhile!

About ME

What I Do

I was previously a Medical Coder, I have always loved all things medical. The best part of being a Medical Coder was the feeling of being so productive (and being able to work from home haha). It also gives me the opportunity to get right off of work and dive into the kitchen and bake whatever I had been dreaming about all day.

Why Baking

As a child I would love to bake with my mom, I would sit on the countertop and mix while she did the real work. The first recipe I remember baking by myself is a chocolate cake for my mom’s birthday. My mom and dad acted like it was the best thing they had ever tasted, but I’m sure it was barely edible. Ever since then I have loved to bake, manipulate recipes, and make my own sugary creations.